A view of the city of Newburyport coastal city
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to Newburyport - a picturesque coastal city

Top 5 reasons why you should visit Newburyport

1. Location

Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

Spanning 4,662 acres, this refuge preserves diverse habitats for migratory birds' feeding, resting, and nesting

Boat by Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park

Located along the picturesque Merrimack River, Waterfront Park offers stunning panoramic views of the water and boats

2. Best Restaurants

Sea Level Oyster Bar exterior

Sea Level Oyster Bar

Located on the North Coast with a menu that includes Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes and an extensive cocktail list

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Brine's red dish


A large selection of grilled dishes combined with traditional seafood delicacies

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Black Cow Tap + Grill exterior

Black Cow Tap + Grill

Located in the heart of downtown Newburyport, the Black Cow boasts a modern but classic menu

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3. Plum Island

Aerial view of Plum Island

Walks on the island

The island is home to wildlife refuges, marshlands, and pristine sandy beaches perfect for relaxing or birdwatching

Plum island beach

Relax on the Beaches

Only you can choose to sunbathe on the beach or conquer the waves in the surf

4. Lighthouse

Newburyport Lighthouse

Visit the Newburyport Lighthouse

Capture some amazing photos and learn about the maritime history associated with this beacon

Family picnic

Dinner at the Lighthouse

Includes catering from a selection of local restaurants and a private sunset dinner

5. Historic Downtown

Custom House Maritime Museum frontal shot

Custom House Maritime Museum

It houses a unique collection of maritime objects, art, models

Newburryport Historic District aerial shot

Newburyport Historic District

A particularly fine series of Federal mansions are to be found on High Street

Presbyterian Church

Old South Presbyterian Church

The church building is located at 29 Federal Street in Newburyport

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